HOT IN TECH: Interview with Onyx

In HotinTech by Nue Agency

Wearables are not new to the community any more, Google Glass probaly the greatest to date and the rest being some type of watch base or sports activity based  but today we have the newest wave, audio!! Being hailed as a real life ‘Star Trek communicator’, but more relatable to the hip hop community would be the ‘Nextel/Boost chirp’, the Onyx from Orion Labs!!  This may be the 1st wearable the streets will take seriously, it’s a digital walkie talkie paired with your iOS/Android, clip it somewhere on your person, close to your mouth, while your phone is in your pocket, and communicate with any one any where(they just have to also have an Onyx). It’s like adding a chirp to any smartphone, and at less then $100, it’s a smart investment for any entrepreneur, or a family person, and with us you can save 20%, just click here ! On the website, apply the discount code “#HotInTech” to get 20% off.

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