HOT IN TECH: Interview with Doppler Labs

In HotinTech by Nue Agency

There’s a new revolution in Tech, it’s becoming all about the audio, and with Augmented Reality in the spotlight as a whole(because of Pokeman Go), this is a perfect time to talk about Augmented Reality Audio! Let’s also bring up that wireless headphones are in an upswing with the new iPhone reportedly having no 3.5mm jack, so now let’s introduce the Here One and the Here Active Listening System. Doppler Labs is all about providing the perfect audio experience, and their newest device, the Here One Earbuds, will do just that, with the app that comes with them, you can adjust just about any sound coming toward your ears to either filter out the noise to boosting the sound. I can’t explain it the way Doppler’s CEO/Co-Founder, Noah Kraft, can, so watch the video about and let him tell you.

Now listen, $299 is high, but it’s really about quality of life, if these headphones can help save your ears, is that not better than headphones(at the same price) that help destroy your ears, just because the latter is by a ‘brand’ you know??? If you’re in an office and you can block out ‘office noise’ and get work done, but if your boss comes by, these will let him only in, incredible!!! Don’t forget, apply promo code; ‘HotinTech’  actually, just hit this link at herefirst-HiT and become a priority!!!

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