Text Message Marketing Is The Future

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The music industry isn’t known for dealing directly with consumers.

There have always been intermediaries such as record stores, venues, ticket platforms, and streaming platforms. The point of purchase was never really between the artist and the fans.

Even with social media opening up the conversation and granting newfound access, the massive fanbases on platforms like Instagram and Twitter are not truly the artists’ — they can and will be taxed. Facebook reminds us of this fact daily while the Vines and Musica.ly’s of the world shut down leaving fanbases erased.

The obvious answer to this problem is an email marketing list. Yes, email overdose is real, but the need for something “platform independent” is realer. That’s why a less obvious answer is beginning to emerge: text message marketing.

Text is a direct, artist-to-fan communication with open rates and conversion rates much higher than email. Don’t you see more and more artists giving out their “phone numbers”?

A lot of this is powered by a hot new startup called Community. Community is doing amazing work helping artists and managers make a lot more money with direct-to-consumer sales. It’s a movement that is just beginning to build, which is why I’m excited to host a one-on-one with the head of activation at Community, Jake Udell, on Thursday’s edition of Beats & Byes Live at 5pm EST. 

Jake is one of my most inspiring friends. He’s an artist-turned-manager who is now spending a lot of time teaching people about Community and the power of text message marketing. He’s bright, engaging, and sure to breakdown the nuances of this brave new world as well as his management company and label, TH3RD BRAIN, his artist accelerator with Techstars, and his overall take on the industry and opportunities in the Covid-19 era. Expect gems to be dropped!  

Jesse Kirshbaum               
CEO of Nue 
P.S. Tonight I’ll be brainstorming with some very smart people at 7pm EST on @Quarantime!Episode 18: The Avant-garde, Playing It by Ear? Join us to learn how music-makers, fans, patrons, brands, & live events are improvising to stretch our sense of joy, play, and wonder in these unsettling times.                        


P.P.S. – I’m going live on Nasdaq with Jill Malandrino to talk insights on the state of the music business at 2:30pm EST today too.    

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