Post MusicGamingCon Glow

In Beats + Bytes by Nue Agency

Hot off the back of MusicGamingCon, we’re finishing the year as strong as possible. The next few weeks will be about reflection, insight, and making the most of the holidays in Covid times. That said, a lot of things are taking shape for 2021, which we’ll touch on in the coming weeks.

Today, though, I’m still on my MusicGamingCon high. Gaming is the most exciting area in entertainment and the pandemic has accelerated this in ways typical marketing and investment never could have. The growth is astounding, customer habits are changing, and brand marketers are viewing the space differently. I’m confident this will continue post-Covid.

The music industry, for what it’s worth, should take note and take advantage. Gaming welcomes the music industry’s star power, fan base(s), expertise, and culture with open arms. It’s time for music to go all-in on reciprocating. A great season of collaborations — from Fortnite to FIFA to PS5 — laid the foundation for more growth on both sides.

At the conference, we had a power-packed few days covering the main pillars of Culture, Marketing, Education, Monetization, Sync, and Production. The keynotes were so insightful and we were thrilled by the overall reception of the event. We more than doubled our goal attendance and had an average view time of 190 minutes. The platform, Markee, has never seen this before, which is a true testament to how engaging the content was.

We’re grateful to Amanotes for empowering us to make this happen and for all of their hard work to ensure the launch was a success. We hope to see you next year, hopefully, IRL and maybe (just maybe!) in Amanotes’ home country of Vietnam… 👀 🤞                                                                               

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