Beats, Bytes, and Brands: The Series

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In this time of quarantine and hardship, music is more important than ever. It’s the universal language and the great connector.

In a world where there is so much noise online, music is also an undervalued asset when it comes to marketing products and embedding them in culture.

Brands often have social media and sports strategies, but having a music marketing strategy can be hugely impactful with great ROI. That said, it’s a complicated industry to navigate and leverage.

Over the course of the year, we engaged in some exciting projects of this nature. I can walk you through them if you want to hop on a call or connect directly.

One of the projects I loved most was partnering with Social Media Week and Triller to create the Beats, Bytes & Brands content series. With Beats, Bytes & Brands we built a weekly masterclass featuring various experts discussing trends, best practices, key learnings, and the ways in which your brand can best utilize music as a marketing vehicle. We also featured top Triller creators such as DaniLeigh, Dixie D’Amelio, and Murda Beatz.

The whole first season was just released on YouTube:

Episode 1: Music Marketing with Jesus “Malverde” Gonzalez Episode

Episode 2: Crafting a Music Strategy with Ant Demby 

Episode 3: State Of The Livestream Business with Fabrice Sergent 

Episode 4: Power of Music with Aubrey Marcus 

Episode 5 Creativity and The Power of Playlists with Tuma Basa 

Episode 6: Artist Partnerships with Louis Colon 

Episode 7: Music x Gaming with Raphi Lima

Episode 8: Supporting Emerging Indie Artists  with Andrew Keller

Last Friday, I went live on NASDAQ Trade Talks to discuss our predictions and trends for 2021. Tomorrow, to put on a bow on Beats, Bytes & Brands Season 1, Toby Daniels of SMW+, Bonin Bough of Triller, and Ant Demby of HumbleRiot (guest on episode 2) are going live together on LinkedIn to discuss “Future Trends In Music Marketing” with a look into 2021. Be a part of the conversation and join us live at Noon EST.                                                   

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