New Capital of NYC

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It’s wild: New York has transformed into the NFT capital of the world this week.

NFT.NYC feels like a conference built on FOMO. I’m here for it and I still feel like I’m missing out. That’s why this new form of digital art is doing so well. The community is strong and people want to be a part of it.

There are culture-shaping drops happening on every corner. I’m learning a ton and connecting with so many great folks. The real difference between Web2 and Web3 — as it pertains to music — is the removal of the platform middleman. Artists were renting space in the streaming economy. Now, fans own a piece of the action and become true investors in people they believe in. This empowers artists to build new, direct relationships with their artists and to take control of their art.

It’s all about community, ownership, and experiences. This IP is ours. We’re collectors. We can turn our love and admiration into a mutually beneficial financial situation.

I’m in the city for a few more days before heading to L.A. for ComplexCon & WORLDZ. Then it’s back to Miami where I’m speaking at the Miami Crypto Expo on November 11th. The event, held at the James L. Knight Center, focuses on music, brands, and Web3. Tickets are still available and I’ve got discount codes, so hit me!

It’s going to be a great run of learning and meet-ups. I’m looking forward to sharing key insights from the next couple weeks.

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