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It’s been a minute since I wrote about it, but Nue Agency continues to explore the psychedelics and psilocybin space (not just recreationally 🙃). We’re aligning with various funds, companies, and brands because the power of psychedelics to change the world compels us to get involved. These psychedelic-based therapies are providing a great deal of hope in the field of mental health.

The psychedelics industry’s public market value went from zero at the onset of the pandemic to over $9 billion across more than 70 public companies in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. We’re only scratching the surface.

With over $300 billion of U.S. public assistance spending going to hit-or-miss mental health and substance abuse treatment services, there’s a huge disruption opportunity for the psychedelics sector.

Last weekend, the #MushRush was on full display at Meet Delic, the premier psychedelic wellness event in Las Vegas. In Miami this week, the Wonderland Conference followed suit as the largest psychedelics medicine (microdosing) business event in the world.

These were both physical and metaphorical psychedelic playgrounds where the visionaries and thought leaders in the sector converged to unveil exciting research and explore powerful new ideas shaping the evolving world of psychedelics.

Topics of interest ranged from wellness, microdosing, business, technology, and entertainment to ever-important conversations about PTSD, addiction, severe depression, and anxiety. Many of the psychedelic super molecules and plants aim to mitigate the impact of these conditions.

Higher profile names are helping to bring the conversation into the mainstream. Mike Tyson, Rick Doblin (of Maps), Michael Pollen, Aubrey Marcus (CEO of ONNIT), and Lamar Odom (who was at both events) have become vocal proponents of these remedies.

Psychopharmaceuticals have long been used for healing and spiritual purposes by indigenous societies. It was until the last century that they were criminalized and stigmatized by “the war on drugs.”

Let the destigmatization begin. The narrative has shifted and pop culture is taking part. Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka had their recent bouts with mental health, which propelled them to drop off the largest stages of their expertise and Will Smith made news recently for his use of these medicines.

One company, Cybin, emerged the clear winner of Wonderland Conference (they literally won company of the year), beating out juggernauts like MindMed, Field Trip, and Compass, which released exciting data that had a positive impact at the conference. Full disclosure: Nue is working with Cybin and excited about the prospects.

We are at least three years from FDA approvals, but Cybin has the capital, team, vision, and clinical research apparatus to create a molecular compound that replicates the effects of psilocybin without the natural ups and downs that occur in the organic material.

For me personally, psychedelics (microdosing periodically) have been a boost. I’m more tuned into serendipity and my purpose in the world than ever. I bumped the newsletter this week so it could go out on 11/11 @ 11:11am EST. You know what they say: set an intention and make a wish!

After a whirlwind week, I’m back home from WORLDZ, which outdid itself this year. But there’s no rest for the wicked: I’m speaking this week at the Miami Crypto Experience and the Coast 2 Coast Convention. Come holler if you’re here!

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