NFT.NYC In Full Effect

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Anybody else feel like this is a wild time in the world of entertainment, tech, finance, brand marketing and culture? If you think it’s crazy now, wait until 2024 as we track toward flying cars. I’m reminded of the infamous Game of Thrones quote: “Chaos isn’t a pit, it’s a ladder.”

There’s so much excitement this week around NFT.NYC. I haven’t seen an event run down like this since peak SXSW or the old days of CMJ (I didn’t make this sheet, but I’ve been sent it a few times so I’m sharing with the Beats & Bytes community). The conference and Dreamverse are both power-packed with fantastic speakers and content, and there are so many peripheral events, parties, performances, workshops, and gallery shows happening as well. So I’m headed north to be near the action. Like Puffy told 50 Cent when he was experiencing his meteoric rise, “You’re hot right now and I need to be where the flame is.”

NFT artists are becoming rockstars and selling millions of dollars worth of work. Crypto conferences are selling out and packing houses like Terminal 5. The NFT community is siked to connect and that enthusiasm shows with hard ticket sales outperforming most concerts, festivals, and other events like Advertising Week. This is a new world order where lives, art, ownership, and royalties are being changed before our eyes. The ideals of the NFT and Web3 communities are inspiring and the potential is boundless. Every successful event, case study, and new idea that takes shape creates more and more uses for blockchain, which is the central to building Web3.

Although I’m open to the experiment, in its current iteration I have mixed feelings about showcasing NFT’s in the physical. We absolutely need to go from JPEGs to mantle pieces for cryptoart to experience mainstream adoption, but a digital frame feels a bit counterintuitive. I’m hoping to see the light this week while experiencing some cutting edge new art and (maybe) even growing my collection. I remain convinced that it’s a better time to produce and sell NFT’s rather than to buy them, even if that means missing the boat on some big returns in the near term.

Halloween, Rolling Loud, and NFT.NYC are in full effect; Covid numbers continue to drop; and as of this week, NYC officially has a new mayor. I salute you, Eric Adams! I’m eager to see where you take New York next.

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