HOT IN TECH: Interview with Ryan Leslie

In HotinTech by Nue Agency

Hosts of HotinTech, Tat Wza & Jesse Kay, sat down with singer/song writer/producer R. Les aka Ryan Leslie about his new tech adventure ’’, a new mobile intelligence application that is starting in text, but will grow to all forms of personal communications including social media! Basically, it allows the phone to communicate with people without a ‘person’ having to do much! It absolutely has the potential to change the world!

This is in Beta, which really means it’s in it’s infancy, if you think along the lines of where it will be in a couple of years, keep in mind how much technology will change in that timespan, an Artist, or business will have a complete and personalized customer service that will only boost confidence in the experience you’re looking for from these entities!!! Do you want to sign up for the beta, if so click here!

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