HOT IN TECH: Interview with Money & Violence Founders

In HotinTech by Nue Agency

The ‘tired Ebro’ and ‘hairy Rosenberg’ aka Tat Wza and Jesse K are back with the fresh knowledge gems!! Instead of getting all geeky with a little bit of Hip Hop, or instead of Hip Hop with a little bit of geeky, we’re here for the hustler’s, the digital hustlers!! Money and Violence launched last year and within that time, they’ve grown in popularity, popped on youtube, got a deal with Tidal, done really well in there, and now, there’s more news of their success!! Moe Veranu writes, Directs, and stars as Rafe in M7V, but he didn’t do everything by himself, he has partnersthat are just as talented, like the Home C-Styles!! They’ve come through to let us know about some brand NEW opportunities they’ve acquired from this digital hustle that has nothing to do with Money and Violence.

Check out C-Styles song Don’t Stop Here! Appreciate the guys coming through and very excited to see these new projects, and keep in mind, new projects means more work for up and coming people, more opportunities for people to Shine, Moe has really created something DOPE for the culture!!!

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