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Snapple Elements is launching its newest line of beverages in an unexpected and refreshing way: with an NFT series.

Snapple has partnered with Billboard music artist-to-watch, Tierra Whack; renowned street artist, Bradley Theodore; and digital artist extraordinaire, Glassface, to make the impossible possible. Each artist summoned their personal style to create NFTs tied to one of the three Snapple Elements flavors: FIRE, AIR, and RAIN. The collection will be known as Snapple ElemeNFTs.

The NFT market is a groundbreaking landscape, so it’s exciting to see a household favorite like Snapple be bold enough to experiment with NFTs. This campaign is particularly novel because it’s bringing a lot of firsts into the market.

This will be Whack and Theodore’s genesis drop. These pieces of digital art are free, and there’s no question they’ll be gone like a Snapple on a hot day. The campaign honors the brand’s superfans by giving them early access to these collectibles. Following the window of exclusivity, the remaining inventory will be offered to all NFT-curious consumers, bringing more folks into the world of token ownership.

I commend Snapple for doing this the right way. They’re supporting artists in the space, using a fantastic platform, OneOf, and taking a chance on something that will hopefully open the doors of Web3 to the entire company and set an example for other brands.

As the NFT market shifts and the crypto market reaches some scary lows, it’s all about creating worthwhile use cases. There are amazing, intricate projects out there that won’t get the traction they deserve if the general public doesn’t catch on. Snapple is leveraging its immense consumer base and resources to launch a project, for free, that brings new energy into Web3.

It takes a village to release an NFT and we are so proud to play a part in bringing this to fruition. Snapple ElemeNFTs will leave a lasting impression as many people’s first NFTs. Sign up here for a chance to own a piece of history. Which element do you hope to collect? Fire, Air, or Rain? The final drawing will be next Tuesday. Wishing you all best of luck and happy minting!

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