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Today, Clayton and I are bringing our Beats, Bytes & Brands concept from URL to IRL, doing a masterclass on livestreaming on the stage at Social Media Week. Together we designed a power-packed class with tons of insights, how-to’s, and actionable takeaways. (Clayton is also graduating this month with a master’s from the NYU Music Business program, and I’m so proud of him.)

I’ve been working as a Social Media Week collaborator for over a decade. SMW might sound a bit “ok boomer,” but during the pandemic the platform sold to the advertising industry’s top publication, Adweek, and this is their first time presenting the event live in NY. The lineup is stacked and I’m looking forward to seeing founder Toby Daniels, who is quietly incubating his next chapter in Web 3 (check out his newsletter This Week in Web3). Rachel Webber, CMO of Playboy, The Fat Jew, and Steve Aoki will all grace the stage, too.

Our class focuses on the following:

  • Livestream concerts may have not been born during the pandemic, but their growing importance and adoption among artists and consumers alike make the livestream one of the most formidable forces in marketing today. Great livestreams not only provide unforgettable memories to fans, but also give brands an opportunity to create unique and intimate relationships at scale.
  • A successfully branded livestream is all about purposeful strategy and high-level execution in four key areas. This includes how the event is produced, what music is licensed, the analytical and strategic reasoning for selecting an artist partner, and the rationale for choosing a livestreaming partner(s).
  • Livestreaming is not only a great tool to engage with audiences but can be used as a catalyst to build your brand’s presence in new mediums such as the Metaverse and Web3 (i.e., NFTs, etc.).
  • Successful livestreams build a clear pathway to move your brand to become a real influencer in culture, creating a deeper and more connected bond between the brand and its consumers.
  • With nearly every platform adopting livestreaming capabilities, a brand’s influencer and social strategy must have a livestreaming component and budget to reach consumers who want that intimate level of digital interaction.

If you’re in NYC, come check out the talk, and if not, join the hybrid movement and enjoy the digital experience that SMW is offering. You can attend online today or watch it on-demand for another month or so.

The Adweek Creative Visionary Awards are tonight, where Steve Aoki will be rightfully recognized as visionary of the year. I love what Steve is doing these days, from Chief Brand Officer at Orangetheory to his A01kverse. He’s really leading on brand and artist culture.

I’m hanging around NYC for a few more days, playing in the annual Silicon Alley Sports Tennis Invitational. This year, organizer Darren Herman is renting The U.S. Open court for us to play on (!!!), which is a bucket list item for this tennis lover. It’s a great group of friends and I’m a big fan of the organization.

On Monday, May 16th we have our latest – and dare I say day greatest! – edition of NFTalks in LES from 630-9pm. It’s the start of Frieze Art Week in NY, so we’re diving into curatorial practices in art & culture. We have curator extraordinaire, Afrodet Zuri, the wonderfully talented NFT artist, Diana Sinclair, and CEO of Matte Projects, Max Pollack. Hit if you want to attend as the guest list will be tight. 

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