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Is anybody else feeling overwhelmed by Discord? There has to be a better option!

If you’re launching a project, a DAO, or community in Web3, Discord has become the de facto place to connect and share info. But with so many worthwhile projects and communities, I feel like I’ve already hit my quota. I can’t open Discord anymore.

There were a lot of pluses to Discord at first. It was Slack for Web3, and it was doing a great job of organizing info and limiting redundant communication. Sadly, the spam has taken over. It’s actually kind of mindblowing how intense it’s gotten. This is the only way to connect with some of my favorite communities, but with so much to do and so little time, I can’t manage the volume.

Even with a tech-savvy community and a great webmaster to handle traffic control, it’s not a particularly enjoyable experience. I hate to “ok boomer” this one but there needs to be a better way to stay connected and share alpha in Web3. Tack on the phishing and corruption, and there are more reasons to fly the Discord coop.

I suppose this is simply an example of the frustrating side of building a brave new world. Let’s hope some brilliant mind is out there designing an alternative, because we need it now!

On another note, inspired by another marketing agency with a newsletter, Motive Unknown, we are trying little Sound Bytes on each story, these are sort of like hot takes on why we think this article is important and a quick POV on it. Let us know if you like this new potential feature.

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