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I’m a huge believer in the power of music, and I learned at an early age that music makes everything better.

When I was throwing weekly parties in high school, I realized what made the event really memorable was a great soundtrack. And when I became high school president, I added music to the daily announcements on Fridays. That still happens during the announcements at my school!

Music is the great connector, a fact I’ve seen borne out time and again, from my days promoting shows through more recent work in marketing and advertising.

So when my friend Michael Hermann told me he was building a media company around the idea of music making everything better, I got super excited. Alongside legendary Genesis rocker, Peter Gabriel, and his daughter/business partner, Anna, Michael has been devoted to the impact of music on our brains for over five years. He is a legendary branding executive who has already published a book on the subject called It’s All In Your Head. Together, their joint venture is called Reverberation and its focus is the boundless possibilities of launching a modern day media business.

The first product is a book called Reverberation: Do Everything Better With Music, which breaks down the vision and science of what they are doing. I’m beyond inspired by their funny and scientific approach to musical experiences. How and when you choose what to listen to is as much a science as it is an art.

In a world where 100,000 songs are released daily, curativitiy is more important than ever but so is science. Reverberation understands how to harness music to make every experience better. The book features practical studies and ways to utilize music to help you write better, sleep better, and work better, among other lifestyle enhancements.

I think it’s fascinating. If you want to feel a certain way, you can deploy music to meet you where you are and take you where you want to be. The iso principle states that emotions can be modulated by matching music to the mood of a patient, and then gradually shifted by other music to represent a different, desired mood. It reminds me of the Ayurvedic traditions of eating seasonally and based on body composition to achieve specific results. Holistically, this makes sense, but you need to know yourself, your environment, and how you want to feel to accurately execute a plan. Reverberation takes care of this part, and it’s spot on.

Music is one of those rare things that influences us intrinsically, and I’m glad Michael and his team are building a robust concept of how to leverage it for desired effects. Maybe I’ll write the chapter on marketing 🙂

I believe this will not only be a game changer for understanding music, but also create new use cases for music in daily life. I’m excited to support them in any way I can.

You can pre-order Reverberation: Do Everything Better With Music on Amazon now or join me at The Strand Book Store on Friday, October 21st (or later that evening at NeueHouse) for a continued conversation. Tickets are here and almost sold out.

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