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Marketing as a medium has changed. The marketing tactics of the past, won’t get the job done in a world with 60K new songs dropping a day on the major streaming services (even more on Youtube), and more competition than ever competing for your mind in the attention economy in every direction, both in physical form and digitally.

Brand building is more important than ever and when it comes to storytelling, content without context is a king without a queen. Advanced marketing is about setting the values on your brands’ internal GPS, building the innovation roadmap, driving revenue, connecting with your customers along the way and finding your lane to break through so you can move at the speed of culture.

The best way to growth-hack and level up in marketing is all about creating partnerships, staying on top of the social graph, leveraging new technology and owning your IP.

Your fans are your community and that’s the baseline for everything. The dynamic between artist and fan is shifting and has to shift even further. Artists can’t simply rely on labels, platforms or promoters to manage their relationships with their consumers. And everyone needs to look at this brave new world of Web3 that is being created. The pioneers in Web3 that are willing to try new things and stake their flags in the ground now will be exponentially rewarded over time when the rest of the world catches up. We’ve seen this time and time again in social media and now we are on the dawn of the next phase of the digital revolution, join us as we discuss.

Welcome to my conversation at MONDO, taking place on Tuesday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. CMJ may be dead (long live the golden era of NYC takeover music conferences but at least we have ones in Advertising Week and NFT NYC), but the founders have created MONDO to fill the void and it continues to grow and take shape. I’m looking forward to speaking Tuesday on this very topic at 5pm at the Grand Ballroom of the Williamsburg Hotel alongside some distinguished marketers and content creators. Check out the lineup of speakers! Looks dope, I’m so excited to see so many of my colleagues in the mix. Hope you can join in person too. If so, here is a 25% discount to the conference overall (using code bytesmondo25) or let me know if you want a pass for just the talk.

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