The Curativity Economy

In Beats + Bytes by Nue Agency

As the year comes to a close, year-end recaps are everywhere you look. With so much content about so much content, how do you know what to pay attention to?

One of the top curators of our generation, Tuma Basa, Rap Caviar’s own and now Youtube Music’s finest answers that question with new thinking, using a concept he coined called “Curativity.” With virtually unlimited access to information and assets, choice can be stifling. People need reliable, trustworthy sources more than ever. Taking it beyond entertainment, the fake news phenomenon demands the same. Social media and many long-trusted news outlets are experiencing a reliability crisis. That’s where the role of the “curatives” comes in. You might even argue that curation is now as important as creation. Where would we be without curative direction!?

Back in the day we used say, ‘if you hear a new artist’s name three times in a week, stop what you’re doing and get in touch with them.’ Now we apply that logic to marketing with the “three touchpoints” approach. You have to reach people in multiple places in multiples ways to get on their radar. How content lands in the hands of curators is both art and science, and people are building massive new empires around trust and curation. I hope you look at Beats & Bytes, and the Nue Agency in general, in that way. We stay ahead of the game and don’t take anything at face value. It’s in our nature to ask tough questions and dig deeper as we search relentlessly for the best of the best.

Needless to say, we’re making our year-end lists and checking them twice. You’ll find out soon if you were hella sus or nice 😉

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