America’s Return to Normalcy

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I can’t begin to describe how excited I am to get back out there and experience live music again.

When I was a talent agent, I would hit up at least five shows a week and sometimes three in a night. Our agency was arranging 50+ gigs per weekend in the Spring and Fall college months.

When I switched lanes, I kept the pace, attending events, shows, and premieres nightly. For as long as I can remember, that’s been my lifestyle. Nightlife is truly a perk of the business, especially living in cities like New York and Los Angeles.

The year off has had its advantages, but nothing can replicate the magic of being “in the room” or the serendipity of a chance encounter that leads to new business, fresh ideas, and, on occasion, a lifelong relationship.

Live music makes every event better. I learned that very early on in my days as a high school party promoter. The question now is, when will it be time for events to come back? Is it too soon to say this Summer? I don’t think so!

This is a market-by-market question. Some college markets are ready to book live shows already. Some are keeping this semester digital. Cities like Miami and Austin are hosting events pretty regularly although attendees are being instructed to keep it off social media. Barcelona just did the first large-scale European show, a social experiment that appears to have been a success! Diplo, on the other hand, did a DJ set this weekend that was disastrously received.

There is increasing discussion of a “4th wave” hitting younger people who have not been vaccinated, but the vaccine rollout is feeling phenomenal under President Biden. He has declared the 4th of July weekend to be America’s return to normalcy.

There will certainly be new rules, new experiences, new consumer preferences, and a new vibe. The days of packing clubs to the gills may be behind us. I know I’ll be craving an experience that reflects my mindset and values. I’m certainly approaching this with caution. But I want to support artists in every way I can.

That’s one of the reasons we’re so excited to partner with Blended Festival.

Blended is an all-encompassing festival blending everyone’s favorite social experiences into an unparalleled, two-day, three-city outdoor event. For music lovers, Blended features a main stage with chart-topping acts and local talent. Festival-goers will also get a taste of each city, with popular food vendors and a culinary stage featuring today’s hottest chefs. It will all be paired with great wine and alcohol selections. Doesn’t that sound…lovely?

Blended takes place this Summer and Fall in Nashville, Austin, and San Diego. Get your tickets here.
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