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It truly is the Roaring Twenty-Twenties! There seems to be a gold rush in every industry as the world is flush with cash and the future is being written. From E-Sports and Gaming to crypto and NFTs; from music rights and startups to the rise of the mental health industry; from IPOs and SPACs to the imminent return of live events, it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Even old-school trading cards are booming!

One area that is finally coming into its own is cannabis. This is an area that we believe in heavily. We are in more than a green rush right now. This business is becoming an industry norm in America.

17 states have now legalized the recreational use of cannabis. Federal legalization is feeling more and more likely. And it’s exciting to see New York join the ranks of the free (not like it hasn’t smelled like chronic on Broadway for years, lol). This is a momentous moment for cannabis culture.

New York is destined to be the consumption capital of the world. It’s dense and everything is always available. It’s also set up to be a HUGE experiential hub. In other “cannabis meccas” like Colorado or California, if you are consuming cannabis you’re most likely still getting behind the wheel (under the influence). That’s a non-issue in NYC. That’s why the hospitality industry is clamoring to get in on the boom.

Artists and musicians have been ahead of the curve on this for a while, so I expect to see more brand collaborations there. Uber announced this week that it is looking at the delivery business. That’s massive. As things go national, we’ll see the big US brands jump in and try to corporatize the industry.

The industry is also getting more sophisticated and luxurious. Jay-Z does a fantastic job in his new Hype Williams-produced campaign at Frank Sinatra’s house in Palm Springs. The vision is summed up by Hype: “The perception around cannabis has shifted a lot since the 20th century. If you were to ask me and my peers how we’d define the good life today, weed would definitely be a part of it. Whether we’re smoking to inspire creativity or to celebrate an achievement, cannabis has a rightful place in modern-day culture.”

Of course, the biggest cannabis holiday of all is coming up next week: 4/20!

I’m excited to see how New York adapts to its first legal celebration in this (nearly) post-pandemic world. Could this be the new New Year’s eve?!

There will certainly be some great online content, too. A few highlights for me are going to be:

Meth vs. Red’s Verzuz
Weedmaps’ amazing virtual festival featuring all sorts of music and pop culture legends 
– B-Real x Mr. Cartoon’s “INSANE” NFT Dropt at 4:20pm on The new Blockparty 2.0! Collect history and enjoy some exciting real world, exclusive experiences.

There are also countless economic and social justice benefits to finally ending this chapter on the war on drugs and legalizing cannabis. I’m excited about the potential for this beautiful plant to make the world a better place.
p.s. Friday morning I’m talking NFT’s on Clubhouse with the AdWeek innovation team. Tune in and see how brand marketing is playing in this explosive space.
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