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How do you bounce back from eight days in the desert? You don’t.

Staying awake until the sun rose over Massada on the final, crazy night of my “trip of a lifetime” felt like a Herculean accomplishment (as did coming into the office yesterday after landing in New York at 4:30AM). But being surrounded by illuminating, beautiful people that were masters of their respective crafts made it worth every second of lost sleep.

There were Crypto Kings and futurists. There were hologram creators. There were self-proclaimed “Most Famous Artists” and free-thinking XR Wizards. What is XR, you ask? It’s the new buzzword encompassing VR, AR, and MR.

So many realities, but none as challenging as the one you wake up to every day. I may appear to be the definition of an extrovert, but this journey revealed my introverted side. I can be more open. I can go bigger. I can take even more chances. The trip, focused on emerging technology, was appropriately titled REALITY Israel. I’m definitely feeling the reality check.

One way to bounce back? Listen to awesome music. We’d like to invite you to the second monthly edition of our new series with Soho House, Nue Sounds, featuring Chase Cohl on Wednesday, July 18th.

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Some info on Chase is below. She’s a beautiful soul.

Finding enchantment in the melancholic Laurel Canyon bliss of Joni Mitchell (“a fucking wizard,” in her estimation) and Jackson Browne as a child, the singer, songwriter, artist, fashion designer, and Littledoe creator crafted a vision of dream folk with moments of rock ‘n’ roll energy that brings the Summer of Love’s gloriously stoned spirit to the Coachella generation. At the center, this troubadour pens poetic narratives of love gone awry, loneliness, and loss over a subtle backdrop of acoustic guitars, banjo, and piano.

In the midst of presciently building Littledoe into a Vogue-endorsed early progenitor of the modern Boho movement sported by Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and other fashion icons, she penned countless songs. Between performing alongside the likes of Cory Chisel and Cameron Avery as well as on a series of Best Fest shows, she released singles “Windsong” and “Blue Eyes” to early praise from Nylon, Exclaim, and more. In the middle of a 2016 tour with Lissie (and a breakup), she started to work on the songs that would eventually comprise her 2017 independent full-length debut.

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