Swimming with Shark Week

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As you know, we’re big fans of theme weeks here at Nue. Fashion Week. Social Media Week. Advertising Week. All the weeks! And this week marks the return of the absolute cult classic, the dondada of the seven-day promotions game: Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week.”

They say the music business is the most cutthroat industry in the world. Breakout rap star Cardi B told Howard Stern that she’s experienced more ruthlessness in music than she did as an exotic dancer. But our industry doesn’t need to operate that way, anymore. There’s room for everyone. We should be welcoming new business and building a better workforce instead of pushing people out and leaving them to drown.

I’ve been swimming with sharks for so long that staying above water is second nature. But, with changing tides the industry must adjust.

Now it’s about transparency and creativity above all else. We’re changing ‘who you know’ into ‘what you know’ and ‘what you do’ into ‘how you do it.’ We’re building an open, exciting meritocracy with a new moral code: fish are friends, not food.

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