Trapital X Nue

In Beats + Bytes by Nue Agency

The Trapital name has continuously popped up online with detailed, entertaining, informative articles. With each story I read and podcast I peep, I became more intrigued. Who is behind this? What is it? I had to find the person behind the product.

My deep dive led me to a San Francisco-based writer with a vibe somewhere between Silicon Valley and The Source. So when I saw a man in a Trapital tee speak at a Ben Horowitz book party hosted by Steve Stoute, I instantly recognized the distinctive voice from the other end of my air pods. It was the mysterious media maven himself, Trapital founder, Dan Runcie.

Long story short: we connected, stayed in touch, and he invited me to be on his podcast. I was nervous about this one. I respect this guy’s work tremendously and doing a podcast over the phone can be challenging. But we had a good time and definitely dropped some gems.

Hope you enjoy it…

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