The Stream to Wellbeing

In Beats + Bytes by Nue Agency

There is no question that anxiety is high in the world right now.

Everything changed overnight, the path forward remains unclear, and day-to-day life continues to be extremely volatile, leaving many folks hurting.

In response, many of us are on a constant search for healthy ways to cope. Luckily, my dear friend Peter Rosenstein is one of those people. Peter launched his new CBD company, Stream Wellbeing, on May 1st at the height of the pandemic.

Beginning in late 2019, Alex and I fell in love with (and, full disclosure, got involved with) Stream for various reasons. Whether it’s helping with sleep or recovery from athletics, Stream delivers on the promise of natural health. In addition, the founder is doing all of the right things to ensure he is running a truly “double bottom line” company that makes a positive impact and gives back. Peter is a godsend.

This week we’re giving you the chance to be a part of the movement. Try the product with a 30% discount using code beatsbytes30 and listen to Peter this Thursday on Beats & Bytes Live at 5pm EST for a quick and dirty interview on the state of the CBD business, launching a product during Covid-19, and why Stream is for the people.


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