The Other Type of “AI”

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I’ve been thinking a lot about “anticipatory intelligence” since discovering the term this holiday season. Typically used in national security settings to sense, predict, and warn of changing conditions or threats that may require a rapid response or shift in priorities, I believe “the other AI” could be so useful when it comes to trends, forecasting, and marketing. 

Self-awareness is key to success and the pursuit of happiness, but it’s also crucial for anticipatory intelligence according to war experts. Knowing that, I’ve been fully focused on becoming more self aware. What are my weaknesses? What are my strengths? What do I truly believe in? It takes time to understand your core values and what makes you who you are. 

Therapy can help. I love how therapy has evolved to become a bigger part of our social fabric. This development will be central to the ongoing evolution of our species. Everyone should have access to a mental health specialist. 

Similar thinking can be applied to marketing and identifying the core values of brands. In these trying times, brands need therapists, too. They need experts to help them pinpoint their strengths, highlight their weaknesses, and align with their true selves. They need marketers to help them figure out who they are, where they need to go next, and how to explain it to the masses. 

I’ve been energized by digging deeper into who I am. I know it’s not all about work, but about the ways in which my personal journey relates to how I think and act as a marketer. I’m determined to unlock new levels of self-awareness and growth, and to pass these discoveries on to every individual and company I come in contact with. 

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