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Yesterday, I had the honor of delivering the closing keynote at the Music Managers Forum in Miami.

I was interviewed by the Miami Chapter leader, Matt Limones. The event was an invite-only gathering of managers and movers in Miami’s music scene. It took place at META. Miami is an up and coming market that is building for the future, and the fact that META hosted a music management event at their beautiful Miami HQ is a testament to the interdependence of music and tech.

The role of the artist manager continues to evolve. Increasingly, talent managers are operating similar to brand managers as they navigate their clients’ sprawling revenue streams and points of entry. As someone who started on the artist representation side and shifted to culture marketing, I know how exciting this role can be. You have a genuine impact on how the artist’s overall brand is viewed, which has a tremendous ripple effect.

Brand partnerships are now synonymous with growth, but managing these relationships takes tact. That’s where we come in. There is a thin line between award-winning and “selling out.” Close collaboration and open communication are key.

Understanding the way brands measure success helps us deliver while realizing the artist’s vision. Done right, these relationships result in long-term, scalable projects that create a flywheel effect, helping artists build passionate communities and set themselves up for future opportunities.

I’m excited to dive deeper into this topic with my colleagues as we bring more emerging artists into the brand space.

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