Summer Smash (The Patriarchy)

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Summer 2023 is being defined by women’s empowerment. From Queen Bey and Tay-Tay’s biggest tours in the history of the world, to Greta’s Barbie owning the box office (and the charts), women are running show business with remarkable results.

Did Taylor’s fans cause a minor earthquake in Seattle this week? Clickbait or not, her impact is undeniable and her tour balance sheet can hardly be put into words. Beyonce’s is no different as her stage show and revenue continue to inspire awe.

The theme of the summer, though, is Barbie. The soundtrack is doing numbers and you can’t leave the house in pink without someone thinking it’s Robbie-related. Greta Gerwig is the dynamo that wrote and directed this story of strength and her vision for the classic doll has undone years of patriarchal plaything pandering.

Women are also owning the hip-hop narrative right now. Names like Latto, Doechii, and Ice Spice are synonymous not just with success, but with trend-setting. Very often, we see pop culture as an indicator of future societal trends. By that metric, things are looking good from a gender equity standpoint. We need more change across the board, not just in the creative fields, but in corporate suites and politics. This summer seems like a catalyst for a new era of empowerment.

Beats + Bytes & Chartmetric Present: Stat of the Week

Wingstop’s new celebrity themed meal with rapper Latto not only contributed to her 78% gain in Spotify monthly listeners but helped drive meaningful search traffic for the brand which saw Google search queries like “Latto meal” jump 2,900% in a 16 day period. Check out the Beats + Bytes team’s full analysis powered by Chartmetric. Click to read more here.

Friends With Benefits

On another note, if you’re outside this weekend, Friends With Benefits is hosting its second annual festival in Idyllwild, CA and it looks like another banger. Last year I called it the event of the summer… because it was!

The musical lineup for 2023 is the definition of cool, and there’s even a tennis tourney built in. I’m gutted to miss it (my tennis obsession is well documented) but I’m hunkering down in Miami and gearing up for a trip to NY next week.

If anybody wants to attend, here’s a 25% off code: 25Partner 

Wishing you all the best!

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