Step In the Door, Wavin’ the Q4 👋

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Every August, I give up La Playa for The Vineyard and this year is no exception. I’m not feeling The Burn (again) and I’m ok with that. Will I regret it one day? Maybe, but this year’s Burning Man seems to have headwinds. Has it finally passed its prime?

I cherish this time in MV with my family and I’m excited to head to the Pacific Northwest later this week. My tennis game and my lobster eating skills are definitely going to get a boost.

It’s tough to relax this year with so much uncertainty in the air. 2023 has been complicated but I’m optimistic for a lot of reasons.

We know there are still discretionary budgets that have not yet been spent. There are still a series of tentpole moments coming up, including multiple holidays and Miami Art Basel. There are worthwhile conferences, award shows, exhibits, events, and “weeks” that will amount to big, year-defining moments for some.

And, of course, there’s the thrill of planning for 2024.

This summer had key themes that will ripple into the fall. The way I see it, The Summer of 2023 will be remembered for:

  • Barbie and all of it’s lessons.
  • Hip-Hop 50, a master class in celebrating the past and creating a big moment in culture.
  • Taylor and Beyonce’s tours.
  • Not having a clear cut “song of the summer” in a world where virality comes and goes so quickly.
  • The AI boom and figuring out (or not figuring out) use cases.
  • The writer’s strike and its implications for the near future, e.g. a big bump for sports/UFC, improv, and (potentially) live/virtual concerts.
  • TikTok micro-trends becoming exhausting and having less impact.

As I finish up the summer, I’m not getting back-to-school vibes, I’m getting finish-the-year-strong vibes. It’s still a builders market and we have several projects we’re excited about. Drake is poised to own streaming the next few weeks, but I’m glad Diddy is dropping a new album in September and rumor has it, he’s getting that MTV Vanguard moment in NYC (during Fashion Week, nonetheless) which should be nothing short or legendary. Cheers to the Love Era. 🎶🎤🥂

See you after Labor Day!

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