Beats & Bytes: Panorama Raises The Bar

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This past weekend we witnessed the raising of the bar in terms of NYC festival culture. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been team Gov Ball since day one, and always will be, but a little competition is healthy. It keeps everyone on their toes.

Especially when done right like Panorama. With Panorama and Gov Ball, NYC is now a great festival destination. I really feel that rising tides, raise all boats and the upcoming festivals will benefit from the momentum that Panorama created.

What captivated me was the world-class underground festival feeling. By Sunday the word was out and so were the crowds. People might have come for the music but there was a lot of tech that was being shared.

Panorama also had a diverse group of attendees with many good friends and interesting conversations in amazing art/tech/music installations. My buddy a Justin Bolognino from Meta built out The Lab, an inspirational dome installation with a collective of other interactive art pieces, sponsored by HP. Google had a massive Cube that premiered the new Wale video MY PYT right after Kendrick’s set. And I had a chance to speak with Noah Kraft the Founder of Doppler Labs about our next segment of Hot In Tech we’re shooting this week. Make sure to check that out on

Goldenvoice launched a welcome addition to the NYC festival game and I am excited for the future of fest culture in NYC. Next up is Full Moon Fest, Afropunk and Hot100. See you out there and let me know what festivals you are checking out this year and what fresh activations you are seeing!

– @JesseKay


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