Our Songs of The Summer 🇺🇸🎶🚀🌞🌻⛱🌊🎆

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We’re halfway through 2021, and what a wild ride it’s been.

The long 4th of July weekend is upon us, which means it’s time to drop our annual Summer Mixtape!

If you know me, you know I love mixtapes. I’ve been making them for decades. The fun part of the playlist era is they’re now living, breathing bodies of work. This mix will change and grow as the Summer takes shape, so make sure you mash that FOLLOW button on the playlist to keep up on the updates.

This year we’re calling our jawn The Kick Back because, especially in New York, the party vibes have thus far been impressively responsible. We all miss the rage but we’re keeping it safe. There’s been a bunch of informal kick backs and they’ve been wonderful. It’s lovely to share experiences with people IRL again.

The Kick Back is made up of our favorite songs of 2021. There’s no one genre or format. It’s an eclectic mix based on mood, ready for big backyard bumpin’ or solo dolo headphone hangs. It’s got something for everyone, including a few uncovered gems we need you to know about 👀

So kick back and enjoy our curations. Let us know what you think. So far we’d say the song of the Summer is “Peaches,” but a lot can change in two months…

Happy listening,


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