Nomadic, Pandemic Lifestyle

In Beats + Bytes by Nue Agency

I haven’t lived in California since my mid-twenties. That was before Nue Agency was in full effect, before my brother Alex and I were in business together, and before I knew what I now know. It was also before I met Jenn.

The world is different now and particularly different in the current climate. With no office open and no business travel on the docket, my partner and I decided to trade in our Brooklyn apartment for a nomadic, pandemic life.

So, we bought a one-way ticket to L.A. and will be living in Topanga Canyon through November. There’s wonderful energy here. I have flashbacks to my office at The Assemblage, except now the magic is even more 3D with sprawling mountains and a beautiful ocean at our feet.

While some say not to make big decisions while mercury is in retrograde, we’ve got different criteria: we’re not making any more life decisions until the election is over. Moreover, we’re doing everything in our power – and tapping heavily into our network — to say buh-bye to The Donald!

The world may be in flux and live events may be at a standstill, but as I’ve said before, there are pockets of joy everywhere. L.A. is a wonderful place filled with opportunities and possibilities. The warm weather doesn’t hurt. I’m excited to connect — in a responsible, socially distant way — with friends, colleagues, and newcomers who have a vision for a brighter future. Let’s make these next three weeks count!

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