NFTalks with Music & Water’s Cherie Hu

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Spring hasn’t quite sprung in NYC, but we don’t have that problem in my new hometown of Miami 🙂

The Miami scene is going crazy right now. Miami Music Week, Miami Tech Month, and The Miami Tennis Open are all going down in the span of a couple weeks.

But I’m really excited about the Miami NFT Conference on April 1st. NFTs continue to be one of the most exciting areas of growth in media, entertainment, and culture, and Miami is at the forefront. Let me know if you’re in town, as I’ll be at the conference most of the weekend – except when I head to FTX Arena for Bad Bunny on Saturday night. His Brooklyn show looked like the party of the year so far, so you can imagine what it’s going to feel like down here.

Alas, I’m getting ahead of myself. Next week I’ll again brave the highs-in-the-40s for our next edition of NFTalks in NYC. This month we’re focused on the Water & Music team. I’ll be sitting down with music industry analyst, Cherie Hu, and the research team at her music/tech research DAO, Water & Music, as they discuss the state of DAO’s and Web 3.

I’ve been a proud member of the Water & Music community since it was a Patreon newsletter. Naturally, Cherie and company have evolved with the times, forming a DAO not unlike the ones they tirelessly research. What they’re building and how they’re going about it is revolutionary for the music industry. Her databases, articles, and community-based research projects are the most robust, informative troves the business has seen in some time. Cherie is a seasoned writer who is clearly a music lover with tremendous business savvy. I’m looking forward to diving in with her, W&M head of events, Diana Gremore, and contributors Brett Kaminsky and Mary Maguire.

This is a closed-door conversation that you don’t want to miss next Tuesday, March 29 @ 630PM in the LES. RSVP to to confirm your slot.

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