Beats & Bytes: Music Streams Surpass Video Streams – First Time Ever

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This past week I spent some time in LA working on a new operating system for my mind and body.

This new OS came from a dynamic workshop called MITT. Recommended by two respected music industry friends, it’s a powerful personal breakthrough course and as I caught the red eye into Monday morning I felt more clear about my business and personal life.

Often we’re resistant to new ways of thinking and new behavior because change is scary and hard. At MITT I was able to leave many of my distractions behind and embrace the change. In the music business embracing the change has been a long and difficult road. We’re finally all getting on board with streaming and it’s starting to pay off as Spotify, Apple, and Tidal streams surpass YouTube video streams. I only wonder how much further along the music industry might be had embraced the change and found a new way of thinking sooner.

But wherever we are it’s never too late to make the most out of it now. On to a new day and Nue adventure.

– @JesseKay


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