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I’m back in a New York state of mind after a week in the Vineyard relaxing with my feet in the sand. It honestly felt too short. Now I’m playing catch-up before we head into Labor Day. August is weird for workaholics.

A lot happened in the world of sports the past week. As the NFL season prepares to kick off, the league linked with Hip-Hop’s El Padrino (link to that blog post), Jay Z, and his Roc Nation outfit for a very savvy pact. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding this deal but I honestly believe it’s a win all around.

Jay isn’t going to be performing the halftime show, he has a seat at the producer’s table now, and Roc Nation is advising the NFL on various entertainment projects. That’s how culture is shifted. Sure, it kills our Nue concept of creating an alternative halftime show because all eyes will be on this year’s performance, but for the NFL, it brings credibility in multiples areas.

Even better, there are rumors that Hov might buy into one of the teams. That puts him in an even stronger position when the league’s decisions are made. Did he turn his back on Colin Kapernick by doing this? It may feel like that short term, but long term I think Jay-Z is fighting for the cause and keeping Kaep front of mind.

Less than a month before week 1. Let’s see how it all plays out!


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