Vacation Mode

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Greetings from Marthas Vineyard.

After two delays and having to give back two days because of work… I finally made it to my favorite place in the world and starting today, I’m switching over to vacation mode for at least a week.

Every year around this time, i choose the Vineyard over the Playa. One day i’ll make it to Burning Man.

But what can I say, MV is my happy place. This is where I can reset for the fall. Where I can heal and nurture my soul with things outside of the daily grind.

I’m glad to have the down time. A true vacation…one where im not connected on social media, one where I’m not scouring the internet or magazines for trends and insights, one where the only I’ll be reading books…I’m bringing multiple. And the only news I’ll read is the local MV paper and maybe the Sunday Times because It makes me feel normal. I’m going to spend time with family, my lovely girlfriend and the ocean. Hopefully I’ll learn some new tennis tips and reset my system and get ready for the fall! I’ll be back for Afro punk, the US open and the VMAS. See you soon! Stay wavy.


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