Information Hygiene 😷🎧

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With the exception of a few “quarantine culture” memes, there is absolutely nothing funny about what’s happening right now. The world as we know it has drastically changed and focus has shifted entirely to two major issues: public safety and health, and the economy.

We all agree that the main action items are to stay home and stay diligent about personal hygiene, but what is not being discussed as frequently is our personal responsibility in regards to information hygiene. In a world of disinformation and fake news, you have to question everything before you share it. The news cycle is moving so fast right now that it’s more important than ever to stay on the pulse. Sticking to trusted news sources is vital. We don’t want bad info spreading like the virus itself.

As the global conversation centers around one topic to a degree not seen stateside since 9/11, the content landscape is being forced to adapt. Suddenly, nobody cares about selfies or clout-chasing influencers. People are scared, hurting, and living in uncertainty, turning to their screens to connect with one another in more real ways than social media is known for. Stories of originality, empathy, and humanity are becoming our glue.

The pressing desire for true connection while in isolation is already breeding innovation and creativity. For example, this weekend signaled the golden age of IG Live when club-hopping with friends became popping into the D-Nice IG live DJ set before heading to the Questlove afterparty (on his feed, of course).

Hats off to D-Nice for setting things off with this new format. His success can be attributed to the perfect combination of positivity, ability to draw both common folks and celebrities, a captive Saturday night audience, and being a great DJ with a trusted brand and history. It was truly the place to be. I mean, I was bumping into friends from all over the country in the comments!!!

The numbers peaked at 100K concurrent viewers, but his follower count grew in 24 hours from 280K to 1.3 Million. That’s a million followers in 24 hours. Talk about resonating.

Brands are taking a stab at newfound connections as well. Nike nailed their latest tagline: “If you ever dreamed of playing for a million around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world.” And I love the new social distancing logos from MasterCard and McDonald’s.

This is just the beginning of what the new (hopefully temporary) world will look like. Is it scary? In many ways, yes. But it’s also an exciting challenge. The changing landscape, exploration of new methodologies, and mass mobilization is inspiring. Conversations with friends and colleagues are flowing and music continues to be the great connector, with musicians as the sherpas of culture. So turn up the volume, ZOOM dance with all your friends, and band together like your life depends on it….because it does.

Stay safe, happy, connected, and empowered everyone!



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