🌏 vs 👾

In Beats + Bytes by Nue Agency

It’s the world vs. COVID-19 and as of now there is no winner. I’m confident, as most of us are, that humankind will prevail, but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch the crisis unfold.

Events large and small are canceled as they should be. The Nue family is at home, self-quarantined, trying to cope and make this time productive while managing the instability. For the foreseeable future, the new normal is four walls and a digital porthole to the outside world.

I, like many others, am already embracing quarantine culture. I attended an online St. Patrick’s Day cheers last night, I hit up some virtual shows this weekend, and I intend to catch a Social DJistance dance party soon. With festivals like Ultra taking their whole show online, there should be a great deal to watch over the next few months. Now more than ever we need music to feed our souls.

Musicians move at the speed at culture and are the greatest storytellers. With the news cycle hooked on Corona, I’m relieved to see artists in the studio using this time to make the next classic and connect with fans. The soundtrack to the revolution still needs to be tracked and we still need new ways to stay sane. Our desires will bring forth new opportunities for innovation. And Mother Nature, honestly, might have just needed this pause.

But it’s early in what is increasingly looking like a long game. First and foremost we need to come together and be there for one another. Let’s keep the positive conversations flowing about what the new world order will look like and what part we all want to play. Selflessness and creation can and will shine through.

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