Crypto Correction

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It’s been a weird, rough couple of weeks in the world of crypto.

Reports of the NFT market cooling down seem reliable, but the industry, I believe, is here to stay.

A little correction can be healthy. The space was ballooning out of control with astronomical pricing that simply didn’t make sense. Everyone is experimenting and paving the way for the future. Sure, there were a lot of bad drops and average artwork that won’t hold weight long-term, but there are also extraordinary things happening and countless new players yet to enter the arena.

NFT’s (or whatever we’ll call them next) are one of the building blocks of Web 3.0, which is being realized on the blockchain. The technology is world-shattering and this community is driving culture. We are all getting smarter and better with so much room for continuous innovation. It’s a complicated world but it’s one worth navigating. The utility of Web 3.0 is limitless, so the juice is very much worth the squeeze.

My position remains firm: Get involved now. We certainly are.

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