No Biz Like CannaBiz

In Beats + Bytes by Nue Agency

The largest growth opportunity in my world right now is the Cannabiz, so much so that I’m willing to bet on New York and New Jersey being recreationally legal in 2019. My gut tells me that by 2021, the whole country will follow suit.

The word is “revolution.” It’s like watching prohibition get rewritten for the digital age. This won’t only upend how we’ve seen the world for the last century, it will entirely overturn the commercial landscape and present a massive opportunity for brand marketers. This is an industry that is only in its infancy and there are already so many ancillary businesses sprouting around it.

The early days of the “green rush” were about the product, the origin, quality, and effects. Next came distribution, identifying the most efficient and premium mechanism to get it into consumer hands Now, it’s about budding brands (pun intended); how is your brand different? What’s your identity? How do you connect to culture? The next frontier from there we believe will be about marketing and advertising.

There are countless nuances, rules, and regulations to advertising, selling and branding cannabis. For example, you can’t buy pot ads on Facebook but you soon might on Snapchat. To make matters more complex, all active markets are fragmented by laws that vary by city and state. Lastly, corporate entities lack alignment on their overall approach to the industry. Look at the backlash to CBS shutting down a pro-legalization Super Bowl ad!

Regardless of the convoluted state of affairs, we believe music marketing will play a big role in the next phase of Cannabis branding. Early adoption of tech in the creative industries catapulted the digital innovations that are saving the music business. We are seeing similar trends with marijuana and there is no company we are as vested in and excited about as SLANG Worldwide and their diverse product portfolio of strong brands. SLANG Worldwide goes public today on the Canadian Exchange. They are poised to lead the Cannabiz charge and we are thrilled to be along for the ride, supporting them in every way we can with our marketing prowess. Call it our Nue green thumb.

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