GRAMMY Weekend 2019

In Beats + Bytes by Nue Agency

Now that the Super Bowl is over, industry focus shifts from Atlanta to the Grammys this weekend in L.A. Although the awards themselves don’t feel particularly relevant, “Grammy week” is always a big moment for the music business as the stars and their camps align in one place.

It’s fun when a client is nominated (and it can be transformative in terms of sales and credibility) but, overall, it’s antiquated. It would be much more interesting if the Grammys were an inclusive, year-round platform that sought to broaden the academy’s narrow purview and lift up the landscape. The music business has always been entertainment’s trojan horse, moving at the speed of culture, and now bands and brands break faster than ever with even less red tape. Top Grammy brass doesn’t seem to grasp this. What’s worse, everyone knows the show is a bore IRL.

Maybe I’m biased, but I do think the Grammy hangs would benefit from being NYC-based more often. Last year was lit! L.A. can be a pain for party-hopping, though of course it’s got its perks. Ultimately, as with the Super Bowl, watching with friends while simultaneously scrolling through social media, interacting with the outside world, and eating up the commentary, shade, and celebration is the new normal. A cool Grammy viewing party beats the actual awards ten times out of ten, so I guess the host city is secondary. Our bars still close later, though 😉

On the ground, I’ll be working with some amazing tech companies showcasing throughout the weekend and a bit beyond (sorry, it’s hush-hush). I’m excited to see what other innovations appear. There are few better forums for accessing industry insiders and making a big impact.

See you in the mix!

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