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After being a out of the office for a while there’s no question that this is a week of catching up. But with all of the new friends and conversations I’ve had, it’s also a week of following up and forging forward. There’s nothing like new technology, music, mixing and mingling to spark my creativity and get me focused for the next few months.

One of the key take aways from SXSW was the resonating power of companies who are using music to enhance their events and products. For me it was companies like Pandora, Spotify, Samsung, Stubhub, CrowdTap, and Youtube that really made an impact at the festival. But it’s exciting to see both small and large companies figure out the cultural power that music can bring.

Another big talking point at SXSW was data and the lack of transparency in the music industry. This isn’t anything new but it finally feels like there is enough will power and tech power to solve the data problem once and for all. Along the way artists and rights holders should be finding a whole lot of money coming back to them.

Data and transparency will help artists make informed decisions on where to play, where to invest their time, and where to maneuver their careers. It’s no different for brands. When brands have the right data they’re able to use the cultural relevance of music to make great things happen. I wrote about this in my latest article for Chief Marketer, check it out here.

I’m still going through all of the great stuff I saw at SXSW so if you stumbled upon a band or tech that I should know about let me know




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