Bad Bunny Takes America

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Over Grammy weekend, the winner of the Best Música Urbana Album award wasn’t in Las Vegas, he was in Miami performing before a super sold out crowd for the third night in a row. The post-show party spilled into the streets with people singing, dancing, and having the time of their lives.

I got to see Bad Bunny on Saturday night at FTX Arena. It was a phenomenal show. Miami was the last stop on his El Último Tour, promoting the album he had ultimately won a Grammy for, El Ultimo Tour De Mundo. It was the first non-English album to top the pop charts. Even for a person who doesn’t speak Spanish well (I’m actively learning every day), it was exhilarating.

I know his music and videos, of course, and have seen the streaming stats. But after seeing the live show, I know for sure that Bad Bunny is the biggest artist on the planet. When you know, you know. It’s undeniable.

Bad Bunny is an artist of the moment. He’s pushing his culture forward and breaking boundaries globally. His vibe is a perfect blend of nostalgia and new school vision. He’s delivering a consistent stream of new music, collaborations, and experimentation.

Bad Bunny is more than “on the pulse”, he’s the new America.

He pulls influences from all aspects of his life, from video games to anime; from meditation to world travel; even from pro wrestling. Bad Bunny feels inclusive in a way few artists are. He’s a vessel for so many people and an ambassador for his culture to travel into the future.

Everything Bad Bunny and his team are doing has continuity and builds relevance. He went from wrestling at Wrestlemania (because it was a dream of his and he had time to train during the pandemic) to an arena tour that sold out in minutes. He’s right back in Miami for two sold out stadium nights this summer. His fans are progressive and passionate. I, like them, am more than a fan. I’m a believer in what he stands for.

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