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Even though I’ve built a career in music I’m still amazed at how powerful music is.

When music is playing at home people become physically closer, less irritable, more inspired, increase positive feelings, are more physically active. Music makes activities more enjoyable, even food tastes better.

These aren’t just how I feel, these facts come from neuroscientist Daniel Levitin who was commissioned to look into the power of music by Sonos and Apple Music. Fast Company recently published a piece on power of music based on a Sonos study. It’s a great story.

But still with all of these empirical and emotional factors it feels like many brands don’t fully get that. Sometimes it can feel like an up hill battle educating people about how and why they should incorporate music into their marketing. Maybe it’s because the industry is shifting so dynamically, or maybe it’s because people can’t figure out how to navigate this very complicated industry of music.

But even with road blocks why wouldn’t brands want to tap into the universal language of humans? Music, one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world is there for you to activate and it will help your brand better connect to your consumer. If you’re interested in more give me a shout and let’s make some music memories happen. In the mean time let me know what music is changing your life this week. Onward and upward.

– @JesseKay


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