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A sea change is coming as we begin to wind down 2022.

The much discussed “red wave” didn’t crest in the election last night (phew), FTX traded to Binance (wow), and Elon Musk took control (if you can call it that) of Twitter, which has rapidly introduced unexpected possibilities and concerns for one of the world’s most important social media sites. Although advertisers and brands are cautiously pulling back, usership is actually going up. It’s nothing if not fascinating.

I’ll leave the politics to the analysts and stay in my lane here. The FTX trade is remarkable. It happened so fast! I’m anxious for more information and to see how this impacts the larger crypto landscape. I think we still will see more heads roll and more brands go down before the winter’s through.

I’m on the road this next week, first to the West Coast for Summit Series in Palm Desert and then to BK for a Web3 Music discussion titled Future Wave. I always enjoy a work-travel week, peppering meetings in different cities between events in the trenches. You need fresh faces to find fresh ideas, and new builders to build new things.

See you in the street or on the Tweets.

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