TikTok On The Clock

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The world is changing before our eyes. Things are not going back to how they were. The line between “next” and “now” is completely blurred. So now more than ever, it’s important to have insight and catch trends early.

Naturally, the youth are leading the way. Generation Z, the mobile-first generation, is mobilizing with a powerful sense of purpose. Their voices are keeping the world honest. They’re being forced to think clearly and with conviction as they inherit a truly volatile world.

We know how quickly a product can break into the mainstream. Technology, influencers (musicians being our favorite), and an economy as global as it’s ever been create a need for speed.

The same can be said of a product’s (or person’s) demise. What if TikTok gets banned? What does this mean for the content ecosystem? Do you know what your first move would be in that situation?

Being knowledgeable about new tech trends is a great way to gain traction and create stability for your business. But you have to understand the technology, the cultural landscape in which it exists, and how it applies to your brand. One goal of this newsletter is to aggregate the things you need to know about the intersection of music, technology, and brands to make achieving this easier.

So this week on Beats & Bytes Live I’m hosting my friend, Tiffany Zhong, of Zebra IQ, the leading Gen Z intelligence company. Tiffany is one of the smartest, most plugged-in people I know in youth culture and the Zebra IQ trend report, “2020 State of Gen Z,” is going to make waves. On the show, she’ll walk us through it and answer all of our questions.

Nothing is certain right now and that’s a good thing. Opportunities will arise from these tough times and it’s important that brand marketers, entrepreneurs, and artists are at the forefront of what’s working and what’s not.

Get your strategy right this Thursday at 5pm ET on LinkedIn.

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