The Return of Aaliyah and De La

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It’s an exciting time for the music business. Even in these dog days of summer when things are certainly slowing down, moves are being made.

Last week it was announced that both Aaliyah & De La Soul’s catalogs would be added to the streaming services; Aaliyah’s this week and De La’s to follow now that the masters have come into new ownership. It’s about damn time! I expect to see a big boost for their respective brands as they become playlist staples this fall.

It’s awesome to see how catalog music is finding new shine in the streaming economy. In a world where 50K new songs are being released a day, it’s harder than ever to make a new song cut through and stick.

On Friday, I was asked to go live on Cheddar TV to talk about what’s happening in recorded music. What really has me jazzed, as you’ll see in the last two minutes of the interview, is the growth opportunities around NFTs, the Metaverse, and the enhanced direct-to-fan relationships that artists will have thanks to new technologies and changing industry tides.

Check out the full segment here, and enjoy these last days of summer. See you soon!
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