The Next Great Companies Are Coming!

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The Next Great Companies are coming!

Nue Agency has worked at the intersection of entertainment, tech, and brand marketing since its inception. We think about entertainment as key to storytelling, and music and entertainers as the driving force in the creator economy. More than other influencers, musicians bring art that spans genres and communities, and have the most meaningful impact.

When it comes to the intersection of technology and brands, Web3 is in many ways a culmination of all of our work to date. Web3 is the next evolution of the internet. Put simply, it’s anything with a connection to Crypto or the Metaverse. It evolved rapidly during the pandemic when we were all forced to think about new business models, especially those which are digitally focused. We are still in the early days of Web3, and where it’s going is both exciting and potentially dystopian. I think part of the optimism among its constituents is that we know it’s on us to build it.

And a bear market is a time for the builders! It cleans out the clutter, gets rid of some scammers, exposes inefficiencies, and centers us all on the core problems being solved by our innovations. Do you remember the crash of 2008? Paradigm-shifting businesses such as Airbnb, Uber, Venmo, Pinterest, and Slack all launched in 2009.

Right now, the use cases for blockchain technology are few. Art is certainly leading the charge with the NFT market and, as always, music is a leader in experimentation. Now, an artist can track the ownership of their work on chain and see fair upside on sales in perpetuity. Gone are the days of the starving artist selling their work for cheap and not reaping the benefits of their work. We are seeing benefits in terms of digital merchandise, fan club experiences, fractional ownership of masters, the rebalance of power, new revenue, ticketing, data, tipping, and the overall fan+artist relationship. Gaming is doing much of the same. Play-to-earn is a winning mentality.

Although both are grouped under Web3, the Metaverse and Crypto are not the same. I believe that when the Metaverse and blockchain intersect in a real way, we will unlock the true power of Web3’s potential.

Enter Metropolis. They have been incubating for a while as part of Outlier Ventures accelerator and today is their launch and support is rolling in. Metropolis World is a 360° curated universe that blends distinctive properties, e-commerce, gaming, art, and experiences that span both the digital and real world. Its aim is to capitalize on the intersection of its Metaverse and NFTs. They already have some great partners and high-profile ambassadors as early adopters, whom they refer to as Founding Citizens. Some of these include:

Steve Aoki
Dillon Francis
Bobby Hundreds
ThankYou X
Richie Hawtin
Frieze Art Fair
Matt Medved / NFT Now

This is just one of the Next Great Companies that Nue is onto. If you need help thinking through your marketing strategy and how best to utilize entertainment & the next tech wave to help shape it, you know who to call.

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