The Great Transformation

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The world has entered an era of transformation. Everywhere I look, there is significant change taking place.

Mark Zuckerberg dubbed 2023 the year of great efficiency. We got through it, it was tough, but we are still feeling ripples of it this year. Big companies are firing and tightening their belts. Public companies are letting go of their workforce, creating new dynamics and putting a lot of great talent on the sideline.

Sometimes, change happens slowly before it happens very fast. They say that’s how it works with going broke and going bald, too.

I believe modern times can be divided into two eras: Pre-Covid (Pre-C) and Post Covid (Post-C). The world is never going back to what it was Pre-C and, although we may remember it as simpler or fonder, there are a lot of big pluses to this new era. Covid initiated the great transformation.

Similar to 2009, when the paradigm shifted and a new era of game-changing companies, ideologies and platforms emerged, Covid was a perfect storm of economic shifts coupled with a new iteration of the internet and its use of technology.

Old Formula For Success =  The Gig Economy + The Mobile and App Boom + Mortgage Crash Recession

The Great Transformation = The Creator Economy + AI Tech Boom + Recession post Covid

2024 is going to be seen as a tipping point in history. Everything is changing: the music business, entertainment, health, tech, media, news, agency models, brand marketing needs, fashion, social media, world sentiment, world power, finance, art, space travel, fashion, automotives, TV, robotics, wearables, longevity and the collective consciousnesses.

Where do we go from here? We can look to the past for answers, but what got us here isn’t going to be what takes us where we are going next.

We need new visions to foster great prosperity in this new era. We need to understand trends more quickly. We need to tap specialists. We need to be focused, community oriented and tapped into culture as we build brands. With chaos, there are major ladders. This is the time to be thinking about future proofing your business and setting yourself up for the next series of big opportunities.

The great transformation is under way in all facets of modern life. Now is the time to digest new information and apply new practices to adapt to a drastically changing landscape.

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