The Evolution of Beats & Bytes

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What a time…to be online.

With more and more reports predicting live events will be out of commission until 2021 (and potentially as late as fall 2021), it looks like digital socializing is here to stay.

We’ve been keeping our typing fingers on the pulse of what’s happening and, despite the very real hardships being experienced by millions, have remained hopeful thanks to the content, creativity, and newfound access to our online peers.

Platforms are emerging as the drivers of innovation and they’re moving at the speed of culture. I check into IG Live nightly, Zoom panels daily, and TikTok hourly. I use Twitter to get updates on breaking news and Facebook to connect with my childhood friends and family. However, a surprising space is taking the lion’s share of my time now. That space is LinkedIn.

Business, believe it or not, is happening on LinkedIn. An extremely active audience is engaging all day long and every post seems to general incredible reach and interaction. This is why I am beyond excited to have been nominated to join their new content pilot program, LinkedIn Live, and to launch our new show, Beats & Bytes Live, a broadcast version of the newsletter you are reading!

Each week will be a deep dive on one specific topic and feature in-depth conversations with the experts in that particular area. No nonsense, just a 360-degree dissection of what’s directly impacting culture.

I hope you can tune in this Thursday, April 16th @ 5pm EST to be there with us from day one.


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