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Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

You know summer is here because this weekend is the People’s choice, Governor’s Ball and the always legendary Summer Jam here in NY.

I spent the holiday weekend hustling and grinding on the tennis court. It’s interesting how tennis can be a microcosm for life and business. Doubles especially is a test of how you work together, how you handle pressure, how you strategize, how you set up your points and wins, how you treat your partner and opponents. I love the sport. It’s like boxing meets chess. It really keeps me on my toes.

You also know it’s summer because all of these new anthems are starting to enter the race for Song of the Summer. Road trips are the best way to ingest these new, soon to be classics. The Nue team complied some hot new tracks that we are digging right now. Unfortunately because of the fragmentation of the streaming market, no one service has it all. So we put the best in a downloadable link. If you want that, email me back. If not, here is a Spotify playlist that covers most of this summer heat.

Besides being at Gov Ball and SJ all weekend, I’ll be supporting my friend Yelda’s POPExEd event on Wednesday at a Gallery on Orchard Street. Apparently I’ll be talking about Music, Sex and Branding with a colorful cast of characters and compadres. So should be interesting to say the least.

– @JesseKay


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