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This week, “Black Panther” shattered box office records for February, bringing in $218 million over Presidents’ Day weekend.

In fact, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it was one of the biggest North American openings of all-time.

While the film is, of course, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, its cultural significance was what made for such a poignant and powerful debut. And like many things that break through culture, music was right there in the mix.

As theater seats filled worldwide, Kendrick Lamar’s soundtrack rose to the top of the charts. “Black Panther: The Album” includes songs curated and performed by Lamar, and he served as co-producer alongside Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, Founder & CEO of Top Dawg Entertainment. It also boasts contributions from The Weeknd, SZA, Khalid and James Blake, among others.

My favorite track? “Pray For Me,” which is performed by Lamar and The Weeknd. It might be only February, but I’ve already declared it as my favorite song of the year thus far.

Besides falling into an internship in college at Marvel, I was never a huge comics fan, and I’m not all that into superhero flicks in general, but “Black Panther” is one of those rare events in Hollywood that’s able to bring people together in powerful ways. It’s proof positive that entertainment, and more specifically, music, can shape cultural conversations and spark a movement.

Now that’s $16.95 well-spent.

P.S. Speaking of victory laps, big congrats to NUE client on making the Fast Co Most Innovative Companies of the Year list.

– Jesse K

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