NFTs Are Here To Stay

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The NFT market is here to stay, ok?

Sure, the initial explosion has leveled out, but now is when things are going to get interesting.

This paradigm shift is a byproduct of the blockchain. It is revolutionizing art and music. NFT’s go beyond digital collectibles; they will have a huge impact on the live industry, ticketing, resales, content captures, merch, finance, and even music creation itself. A remarkable community is forming.

As the stardust settles, everyone is trying to figure out how to make a proper industry out of the ether(eum). Clubhouse was the platform to be on in 2020, but a return to in-person connection is imminent. There is a want and need to be seen beyond the screen and to put our actual heads together. There are no sure-fire ways to market your drop, but some paths to success will emerge as clearer than others.

Agencies are popping up and new marketplaces are taking shape. There are legendary collabs, law suits, platforms and fresh ideas. Content is coming out of the vaults and subcultures are materializing. Web3 reminds me of the Tweetups and Video 2.0 get-togethers we saw years ago; we need new community leaders IRL! I’m looking at art galleries, conferences, and innovative ways to put this new technology into practice. The more we adopt use cases for the blockchain, the more real it becomes!

During SXSW 2017, I was on a panel at the ConsenSys house with Jesse Grushak (founder of UJO Music) and Matt Medved (Head of Blockchain & Dance Music at Billboard) to discuss music and the blockchain. The space has grown a lot since then, as have these guys’ perspectives. Both are launching very relevant businesses in the NFT realm. I don’t know anyone more on the pulse of this space than these two and their crews. So, I’m excited to link back up with them on Tuesday, July 27th at 5pm for a live panel discussion at BKLYN Commons. This prelude to Brooklyn Tech Week will also feature the founder of NFT.HipHop, Ed Young. The conversation is free but RSVP is required. This will be the first time I’ve seen many of you in quite a while, and with new Covid strains and variants rocking the world, it’s unclear how long we’ll have live events to attend.

So don’t sleep! It will be a riveting convo and a chance to hear about some best-in-class NFT case studies from the insiders themselves.
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